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Pick a Card... Any Card!

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Strawberry Month Barbecue Month Hamburger Month Gifts from the Garden Month

Week 1 Children’s Book Week Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week Week 2 Be Kind to Animals Week® Week 3 Reading is Fun Week 4 Healthy and Safe Swimming Week

1 May Day 2 Brothers and Sisters Day 3 Raspberry Tart Day 3 Two Different Colored Shoes Day 4 Bird Day 4 Youth Day 5 Cartoonist Day 8 Have a Coke Day 8 Student Nurse Day 9 Sleepover Day 10 Liver and Onions Day 12 Limerick Day 13 Frog Jumping Day 14 Yellow Day 14 Dance Like a Chicken Day 15 Straw Hat Day 16 Love a Tree Day 18 No Dirty Dishes Day 19 Devil’s Food Cake Day 20 World Bee Day 21 Lilies and Roses Day 22 Vanilla Pudding Day 23 Lucky Penny Day 24 Scavenger Hunt Day 25 Stork Day 26 Blueberry Cheesecake Day 26 Gramma Zanna's Birthday! 27 Grape Popsicle Day 30 Creativity Day 31 Speak in Complete Sentences Day

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