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Writing children's books all started with 'Up Past the Sky!!' I am a mother of 2 and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of being a parent. I learned as much as I taught while being a mother to my kids. My first book was a tribute to that time of our lives when I had the 'time of my life'.

I taught my children about fun and imagination (at least I tried) and about the appreciation of the simple joys of the everyday -- right here, right now. I want to continue sharing these messages through books that are written with love.


Now that my wonderful boys are grown and independent and having little ones of their own -- I am Gramma Zanna! -- and have the time to pursue the world of publishing.

The desire to write for children comes from an active imagination and the ability to relate to children on their level.  

My love of writing, imagination and the child's mind keeps me going and there are many, many more ideas floating around in my head just waiting to hit the pages and make their way to you.

More About Gramma Zanna and why I do what I do.


I am partner with my son in a screenprinting and embroidery shop. I enjoy the creativity of this and therefore the designing of tees seemed to be a no brainer.



The fundraisers I have chosen are personal to me and relevant in today's society.

Ronald McDonald House

I spent months when I was born in Toronto Sick Kids Hospital where they saved my life..

At the time, there was no Ronald McDonald house and I know that my mother suffered for not being able to be close to me. I think this place is an amazing idea and so many families have been able to benefit from it.

Canadian Humane

I have an over the top love of animals.. My buddies are pictured here. I would take them all in to protect and love if I could.. But I can't, so I would like to help where I can.

Children's Mental Health

Having suffered for many years with these issues myself, I believe the earlier we get started the better. Many of the books in my head will deal with feelings -- both understanding their normalcy and learning how to feel what we feel -- because I know from experience how important these abilities can be.

Make A Wish

I have been truly blessed with the health and well being of my family. I know there are many more who are not.  The joy of a child is important to me. If I can help in some small way -- I would love that.

Thank you for your support!!

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